Based on your hour, day, month and year of your birth, the 8 characters are “translated” into Chinese characters, group by 4 (four) pairs that are known as four pillars of destiny.
A natal chart contains clues about your fate, health, relationship, personality, marriage, career, and wealth as an individual. The BaZi Analysis will provide you with a good understanding of your strengths, a weak point and will help you identify your possible living challenges.
Crina spent years studying and revealing the secrets of Chinese metaphysics.
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Do you still believe that the ancient Chinese proverb „Do what you love and you will never work one single day in your life” is just a myth or just a phrase?

Well, it is not. Find your balance in the things that you do and you will certainly enjoy success with flying colours and a smile on your face.

Our individual lives and our stories are created by a unique combination of the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. They are like our very own DNA, blended according to our date of birth. It is here that we can see our strenghts and weaknesses, what is best to be done and when.

I invite you to analyse and become aware of the things to come, search continuously what are your difficult times, find our when you need help and when your good fortune is smiling upon you.

Do you think everything happens for a reason? Yes, and this is why I invite you to discover your purpose through BaZi. Each of the five elements represent aspects of your life: health, relationships, personality, children, wealth, etc.

A BaZi consultant can guide you to discover your best moments so that the opportunities may be manifested at a maximum potential in your life.

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