Hello, my name is

Crina Iliescu

I’m your very own co-pilot in your quest for the best personally or professionally version of yourself.
I started my journey 17 years ago as an economist and team member of several multinational companies and over a span of 3 continents.
The life’s journey is always more pleasant if you know which path to choose especially when being at a crossroad.

Have you got questions with no answers? Do you believe that everything in this world is haphazardly happening and you can plan your life yourself? Do you believe that things happen because “they are meant to be”?

The QiMen techniques used in China since antiquity, mainly for military strategies come today to help us to understand better what the future holds for us. Will offer us a wide array of possible applications when used for business planning, negotiating, and choosing a career, taking exams, improving health and relationships and many other areas, so that your decision comes from certainty rather than from wishful thinking.
After many years of studying this field, I am here to ask the proper questions so that you can get the proper answers.

Don’t allow yourself to be surprised by events, surprise the events by taking the right decision!


BaZi, 8 (Ba八) Characters (Zi字   ), pronounced Bhat Ji or Baa Z means eight characters. Known as well as “the four pillars of destiny” it is an art developed during the Tang Dynasty (618-907) for the analysis of the destiny of a person.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui, initially known under the name of Kan Yu, is about living in harmony with nature. If we live in harmony, we are able to harness the positive energies, also known as Qi, to improve our lives at all levels and in all the areas.

QiMen Dun Jia

QiMen Dun Jia or Be at the right place at the right time doing the right thing!


What recommends me

With Crina’s help, I was able to sell my home in less than a week. I contacted only one real estate agency, they took a few pictures on a Monday. By Friday, I was already contacted by 2 possible buyers. We sign the pre-contract on the next Tuesday. Do I need to tell you that I was able to get the exact some that I wanted? Right on it or just pure coincidence, it worked. I am happy and relieved on the other hand, because the real estate market here in Cluj is not what you would expect.
Thank you Crina for all your help. Bogdan


I’ve known Crina for many years, as a colleague and as a friend. I could say a lot about her, but I’d rather refrain myself and let you get to know her; Crina is a warm, open, pragmatic person, but she is more than that. Her utmost quality in my eyes is that she does everything in her power to help others, because she blossoms when she sees the people around her improve their lives and are happier. One of Crina’s tools is the Chinese stuff, a mishmash of Feng Shui, QiMen Dun Jia (yes, it’s a mouthful) and many others just as “easy” to pronounce. I have to admit that I was sceptical at first because I rely a lot on logic, but then I said to myself I should give it a try and so I attended her classes. I’m telling you, this Chinese stuff is not easy to grasp, but with Crina as my guru by my side, I had nothing to lose if I start applying the knowledge. And it worked! There were times when it didn’t, but I wonder why? Could it be that, due to my scepticism, I failed to follow all the steps and pieces of advice from Crina? I could write pages about this but, folks, set aside your reluctance and distrust for a bit and check what Crina has to offer. It is mega interesting, and, as someone attending her classes said: “If I manage to improve 1% of my life, I’ve not done this in vain” Ilona M

Amazing…. I moved to our new home and I had ideas of where I wanted our rooms to be located and where the items in the kitchen would be placed. Sometimes, Crina had a different view that sometimes was very different from mine. It was fascinating when each recommendation was supported by mathematical computations. I appreciated a lot that each opinion which is not easily to be accepted has been discussed and remediation was provided in case I kept to have my initial configuration. My living room is actually a place where I feel comfortable and I can say the same for the kitchen. It’s not to the same feeling in the major bedroom as I chosen a room more proper for a home desk according to Crina. Immediately after the consultation and closing with my new house project I was interested also about my results in case important decisions to make. Of course Crina was always on my list of people to ask for advice. And we didn’t failed. Also, last by not least her availability and willing to help is unbillable. Thank you Crina! Camelia Zifceac

Finance Department ING Bank

From my point of view, Crina Iliescu represents the mentor of the future with respect to shortening the journey to success.
Her competences in the Chinese metaphysical arts help us to understand who we are, what our strengths and talents are and she teaches us what to do to become the best version of ourselves. In a world in which the only constant is change, investing in knowing yourself becomes a behavior that leads to prosperity Mariana Popa

Economist, Cluj-Napoca

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